Tuesday, October 22, 2019

New American Girl Rewards Member Exclusive Doll-Sized The Elf on the Shelf Set #18inchDolls #Holiday #Toys

American Girl® The Elf on the Shelf
Just in time for the holidays, American Girl® has released a doll-sized The Elf on the Shelf set exclusively for AG Rewards members. Available online and in-stores while supplies last, The Elf on the Shelf set for 18" Dolls retails for $20.00 USD and includes a doll-sized Scout Elf, a doll-sized The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition box, a doll-sized fleece stocking, a pretend lollipop (with a handle that allows a doll to hold it), and a doll-sized letter to Santa with an accompanying envelope.
American Girl® The Elf on the Shelf Contents
One needs to be an AG Rewards Member prior to purchasing the item, but it's free to join ---and membership has its perks!

NOTE: There are a few DIY tutorials posted online which demonstrate how to make one's own doll-sized Elf on the Shelf kit, so this idea isn't new, but AG has officially partnered with the intellectual property owners so its little kit is "official."

Be aware, several reviewers have pointed out that both the stocking and the lollipop in the AG set are retreads (that have been available before as part of other AG sets), so really the only new item is the mini Scout Elf. Is this worth $20.00? You'll need to decide for yourself.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Ordered #ToyDriver Battery Powered Mini Screwdriver via #TheGrommet

ToyDriver Battery Powered Screwdriver
ToyDriver Powered Screwdriver
I ordered a nifty battery powered mini screwdriver from The Grommet (website). It's made by ToyDriver, an underrepresented maker (in this case a woman entrepreneur). See picture above. I figured it would be perfect for doll-sized or model/toy projects. The item is currently on sale for $6.99 and I had a new customer coupon code to "Save $10 Off Your First Order," so I got the little powered screwdriver and another item (a hops draining bag) and only paid $1.67 OOP for both, as there was also a free shipping promotion active for Columbus Day Weekend. The product had an overall rating of 4 stars out of 5. The negative reviews complained that it's really not very powerful, so it can truly only be used for small screws/toys. But this is exactly what I want it for ---if I need a genuine powered screwdriver, I've got a closet full of power tools. Besides, it was technically a freebie. (I even remitted the $1.67 remaining balance with a prepaid debit card that I'd earned as a survey reward.) It's scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Probably play around with it this weekend.