Tuesday, July 24, 2018

#Repost @CastleModern #MiniMe: An #18inchDolls #DollhouseDecorators Staging Showcase #Hobbies

I've collected miniatures since I was a young child. Tiny (working) versions of actual objects have always fascinated me. I never played with these items as "toys," preferring instead to setup elaborate still life stagings of the dreamscapes in my mind. As a child who viewed much of the world around her as nonsensical and alien, collecting and later crafting my own miniatures allowed me to fashion my own world, one that was natural to me. Dolls were always secondary to the miniature landscapes, buildings, vehicles and furnishings. (Seems I was a budding home & garden enthusiast even then.)

The recent Spring Break visit of my little niece, who is absolutely gaga over all things American Girl, expanded my miniature horizons into the 18" scale. (I was rather strictly a 1" scale collector prior to our various toy bonding sessions, which included a trip to the American Girl store in a nearby town.) During our far-reaching chats, I was peppered with questions. I was asked why I had all this "little furniture" when none of it fit American Girl dolls --- as if no other toys could dare exist --- and then she inquired whether I could make "bigger" things for American Girl dolls. I'd never considered it, but then thought, why not? And so, virtually overnight I became a budding collector of 18" scale miniatures.
Toy Horse on display at the American Girl Store
As a creative side (or sub-) project to The Castle Keep blog, I'm now also developing ModDoll (as in model) Fun!, which is also all about "making a dream home" --- except in 18" scale, a sort of Castle Modern mini me, if you will. (As is often done in Architecture, in Design and in Fashion, I plan to demo some of the things I'm working on in real life at Castle Modern in miniature at ModDoll Fun!, thus, it will serve a practical purpose. However, I also plan to use ModDoll Fun! to stage whatever ideas strike my fancy.)

Overall ModDoll Fun! will showcase the latest in dollhouse decorating, employing a combination of things that I personally design & make, along with things that I buy (or otherwise acquire), exactly as in real life. It should be fun!

NOTE: I've registered Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts to get things going (and protect my extended brand), using a variant of "ModDollFun" on each platform.

This is an (edited) post from 26-Apr-17, that first appeared on The Castle Keep. As it is an explanation of what I hope ModDoll Fun! will become, I thought it appropriate to repost it here on the actual blog.

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