Sunday, July 22, 2018

Scored An #AmericanGirl Holiday Pajamas Set #Free. Thanks eBay, again! #App #Coupon Promotion #18inchDolls

My eBay purchase the other day triggered a "Thank you for coming back to eBay" email that included an offer to give me a Free $5.00 coupon, if I downloaded an installed the eBay app --- which I did.

I used this new coupon to get some authentic American Girl® clothes (used, but in very good condition) which were part of a Holiday Pajamas Set that included some adorable little slippers, a hat, a sweater and a Christmas Tree topper ornament. The vendor stated that she'd lost the pajama bottoms at some point, but the rest of the set was intact. The price being asked was $5.00 USD and this included free shipping. Needless to say, I used my coupon and picked up this nicely done American Girl® Holiday Pajamas Set for free. FTW!

It's scheduled to arrive on Friday. Not a bad haul. Thanks again, eBay!
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Auction Win: American Girl® Holiday Pajamas Set

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