Friday, August 3, 2018

A New Name / Domain: Welcome To ModDoll Fun! #18inchDolls

Because I like all the miniature furniture, houses, accessories, clothes and etc. in the 18" Dolls World, I decide to adjust the focus on this blog from mainly "dollhouse craft" to complete "dollworld craft." I still plan to feature tiny "staged home settings," i.e., miniature model homes or more aptly "moddoll" homes, but also want to create nature scenes, fashion outlays, etc., --- complete doll lifestyle fun.

I'll share my shopping finds, deals, and information on things I'm designing and building. I'll discuss crafting and modifying purchased pieces. I'll discuss sewing and making doll clothes when it strikes me. I like being able to design and sew clothes, but I love designing furniture, accessories and the like. (A Southern woman, I of course, was taught to sew and quilt at my mother's knee while only a wee tot.) I will review the 18" Dolls Toys that I acquire.

I'm also very interested in the toy industry in general and the dolls category specifically, so I'll write about industry topics and news that pops up on my radar and give my take on how things are moving in the (dolls) marketplace.

So that's why I've decided to term it all --- ModDoll Fun! (Models based upon the 18" Doll Scale.) I registered a custom domain and renamed the blog. Welcome to a whole new world (or at least a broader-scope playroom).

NOTE: ModDoll may also refer to "mod" doll, as in a rad or cool doll. I use it both ways, to stand for models based upon a (specific) doll scale and for the neat dolls themselves {ModDoll = Model and ModDoll = Cool Doll}. 

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