Friday, August 24, 2018

American Girl Customer #Survey: Request for Brand #Feedback #MarketInsights #IndustryNews #IMO

Last night, I received a survey invitation from American Girl looking for Customer Feedback. Boy, did I let 'em have it!
American Girl Survey Invitation
It was an interesting survey. I gave my honest opinions. As I said, I'm not impressed with everything Mattel has done with the brand since buying it. Trying to milk the brand of every penny by releasing ever-cheaper plastic toys at the same exaggerated price-point wears thin (sometimes literally, as items break quickly and don't stand up to usage/play). When the toys were made of wood and metal (Pleasant Company) they were expensive, yes, but a worthwhile investment in authenticity that could last years and years. Nowadays, I hear reports of stuff breaking practically out of the box because the plastic being used to fashion the items is of such a poor quality. While the designers at American Girl often still have wonderful ideas, the business-side seems to choose manufacturers that aren't cutting it, so the execution of those ideas is lacking. But the rumor is that this new president will be taking the brand back to its core values. One can hope.

It will be interesting to observe how the brand adjusts to having a new president at the helm in this lead up to the holiday season. There's already been an (email) announcement of upcoming news from the AG Rewards program, so some changes are afoot this Fall. To also receive a customer feedback survey so soon afterward at least seems to demonstrate that someone is trying to gauge brand resiliency. We'll see... the proof is in the pudding (of what American Girl does going forward).

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