Sunday, August 26, 2018

Enertec #18inchDolls Heal & Care Set: Wheelchair Crutches Cast #ToyReviews

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Enertec Dolls Heal & Care Set
Enertec 18" Dolls Heal & Care Set (MSRP $26.99): This set includes a working wheelchair with rotating wheels, a (snap-on) leg cast, a pair of crutches and a sheet of stickers to personalize the cast (as if it's been signed). Fairly well scaled for a standard 18" Doll --- says "fits most 18" Dolls" on the box --- and made of pretty thick plastic, so seemingly sturdy enough to hold up rather well. (The color scheme of the item I received was slightly different than that pictured, the shades were darker which I actually preferred.) It's a nice set overall and great for hospital scenes.

Purchased via using SYWR points.

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