Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Is #WellieWishers Underperforming? #14inchDolls #MarketInsights #AmericanGirl #Mattel

I wonder how well the American Girl WellieWishers brand is doing? Personally the 14" Dolls simply don't excite me. Nor my niece, for whom I originally thought to craft DIY 18" Doll Scale miniatures. My sister, the more serious doll collector in the family, recently acquired a WellieWishers Doll after initially expressing little interest in the 14" American Girl line, but she seems an exception both within our family (in more ways than one LOL) and within the more general realm of doll enthusiasts. This all made me curious.
American Girl WellieWishers Dolls (American Girl Store - Atlanta Display)
Then I noticed the special sale American Girl has going on WellieWishers items and the free shipping promotion for the same. Between my personal take on its junior brand and the indications that American Girl is trying to drum up sales, I don't believe the 14" Dolls have captured the imaginations of little girls (and big ones) in nearly the way that the 18" Dolls did all those years ago. I'd love to see some sales figures for WellieWishers before and after the (currently ongoing) promotions. I appreciate that American Girl is attempting to innovate and expand, but WellieWishers may need a do-over or at least some more development so that the brand does not seem to be a mere afterthought. Just saying.

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