Friday, August 31, 2018

My First @American_Girl #AGRewards Certificate Is Coming Soon! FTW!

The other day, I realized that I was only 5 points away from earning my first American Girl® $10.00 AG Rewards Certificate. I was aware that I should have been getting close to the 200 points conversion mark, because I keep a loose tally in my head, but still grinned when I noticed that my account had accumulated 195 points. To get me over the hump quickly and get the rewards certificate into my grubby hands, I wrote a few reviews of some of the AG products that I own and like.
*AG Rewards program members can earn 5 points per approved review, up to 6 reviews (or 30 points) per member anniversary year; 200 points = $10.00 Rewards Certificate.

I'd never bothered to write any reviews on the AG website before, though I own a decent amount of AG items at this point. However, once my doll collecting sister pointed out that AG Rewards members could earn points... I figured that I'd eventually try my hand at the review process ---and this made a good opportunity! It took a few days for my reviews to credit (so presumably the review approval process isn't entirely automated and a person verifies that the content you submit meets AG guidelines).

Now that I'm at the 200 points threshold, I simply need to wait for my AG account points to convert into a rewards certificate, which should be around the 15th of next month (September). Of course, I verified the points conversion timeline: In response to the question "When will I get my AG Rewards certificate?" American Girl® stated in a tweet that the 15th of the month is the date rewards certificate emails are sent. I'm already plotting purchase possibilities!
Image (Screenshot) Copyright American Girl®
American Girl® AG Rewards Logo
As my philosophy is to always use any rewards I earn, regardless of program, to acquire free items (or as close to free as possible), this means I'll be looking at AG accessories sets and single piece clothing items that cost ~$10.00. Luckily, there are a decent amount of items from which to choose. Certainly, I'll find a neat little item/s to add to my burgeoning doll collection.

Also, my doll collecting sister has been ruminating on making a trek to the American Girl® Store - Atlanta which is actually located roughly 30 miles from Atlanta, in Alpharetta, GA but whatever... So perhaps, I'll be able to do a store pickup, save on shipping costs and end up with a genuine freebie reward (excepting travel time, gas, etc.). Now that would be a win, indeed.

Counting down the days until the 15th of next month!

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