Sunday, August 26, 2018

Newberry Dolls (Kmart) #18inchDolls 18-Pieces Travel Accessories Set #ToyReviews

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Newberry Dolls Travel Accessories
Newberry Dolls 18-Pieces Travel Accessories Set (MSRP $19.99): This is a very nice set of 18 little items. The set includes a rolling hard plastic shell suitcase that can be opened and that has a deep enough well to store a few items inside; a toiletries kit/bag that has 2 hand towels and 2 tube bottles stored in it; a hairbrush; a tablet computer, a handheld digital camera, a mobile phone, 3 other toiletry bottles, a passport, 3 travelers checks and a pair of sunglasses. The scale is fairly accurate for an 18" Doll and the items are cute and colorful (not only pink). Perfect for staging Gap Year scenes or other trips abroad.

Purchased via using SYWR points.

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