Friday, August 24, 2018

Newberry Dolls (Kmart) #18inchDolls 5-Pieces Camping Set #ToyReviews

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Newberry Dolls Camping Set
The set includes a tent, a folding chair, a sleeping bag, a backpack and a water bottle (MSRP $29.99). The water bottle is a bit of a cop out as far as the five pieces go, but otherwise it's a very nice set. Well crafted items that are fairly proportional (in scale). I do hate that everything Newberry Dolls makes is pink. I get it, it's aimed at little girls, but broaden your horizons. Pink wasn't my favorite color even when I was a little girl. But this is a general gripe and doesn't invalidate the fact that this is a very nice playset overall. Perfect for outdoors scenes. It was on sale one week for $23.99 and I had enough SYWR points to get it free on

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