Sunday, August 26, 2018

Newberry Dolls (Kmart) #18inchDolls Bunk Beds [Kenyield] #IKEA #ToyReviews

Newberry Dolls 18" Dolls Bunk Bed Set (MSRP $38.99): This set includes a composite wood Bunk Bed Set that can be separated into two single beds. Comes with a mattress pad & pillow for each bed --- very thin padded items, but cute pattern cloth --- plus a ladder. Some assembly required --- like IKEA doll furniture, so one need a bit of DIY savvy. (The box contains pre-fab cutout wood pieces that one screws together.) Actual manufacturer is a Chinese company called Kenyield.

Discovered a defect when I tried to put the beds together. Two of the legs on second bed are glued facing the wrong side (screw sink holes lead in instead of out). Disappointing, but I've decided to get longer screws to compensate for the extra distance needed and just live with it! The screw heads won't be flush, but that's simpler than shipping it back and possibly receiving another defective item as a replacement. I don't know anything about the manufacturer, so can't guess whether the defect is common. There weren't any product reviews to go by online that I could find.
This is the main reason that I'm now writing reviews of the 18" Doll toys that I purchase, because product reviews for many of the items were non-existent at the time I was shopping. 99% of the things I've acquired so far were blind buys. I was willing to take a chance, because I was using rewards points to purchase things. But it needn't be this way for the next person.
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Newberry Dolls Bunk Beds
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