Friday, August 24, 2018

Newberry Dolls (Kmart) #18inchDolls Vacuum Set [Camino Toy] #ToyReviews

This Newberry Dolls set includes a vacuum with sound (battery powered), a brooms, two dustpans, 2 cleaning bottles, cleaning brush, cleaning sponge (MSRP $19.99). It's sturdy plastic, but the scale is all over the map. The cleaning product bottles are MUCH larger than 18" Dolls-Scale, as is the bulbous vacuum. The brooms/dustpans are about right. It's cute that the designer/s tried to add sound for authenticity and interaction, but this caused them to over-enlarge the vacuum to accommodate the batteries. As a result of the scaling hodgepodge, I only think this playset is meh. A child may not notice or care, but I'm an engineer and modeler, so accurate scale is an integral part of my makeup.
Image Copyright Kmart
Newberry Dolls Vacuum Set

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