Friday, August 24, 2018

Newberry Dolls (Kmart) #18inchDolls Bicycle [Lotus Onda] #ToyReviews

This Newberry Dolls 18" Dolls Bicycle is adorable! Manufactured by Lotus Onda, it's very well made with nice rotating wheels, well proportioned to an 18" Doll and decently priced (MSRP $19.99). There's even a little basket up front to carry items, tassels on the handlebars --- and an invisible (i.e., clear plastic) brace to help hold the doll upright & in place on the seat. Like seemingly everything Newberry Dolls makes it's mainly pink, but at least it's an deep shade.
Image Copyright Kmart
Newberry Dolls Bicycle
I purchased this via using SYWR points (got it free).

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