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Register For A #Kids #OGDolls Event @Target Next Month! #MarketInsights #18inchDolls #AdoptAPup #OurGeneration #Gifts #Sweepstakes

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Our Generation (OGDolls), the Target Doll Brand made by Maison Battat, is having an Adopt-a-Pup Event for kids next month at select Target stores nationwide. The event has an associated gift (6" stuffed dog toy) for attendees while supplies last, so it's strongly suggested that you register for it. Walk-ins are welcome but are not guaranteed to receive a gift.

This sounds like fun! I grew up adoring American Girl Dolls and thus mainly focus on the totality of this brand. But I'm also tangentially aware of other 18" Doll Brands. I'm learning about these competing brands (mainly) to keep abreast of market dynamics. Always be aware of what the competition is doing. Whenever I discover interesting things that concern any 18" Doll Brand, I'll probably mention them. My plan for developing ModDoll Fun! --- this 18" Doll-scale Models site --- is to acquire select pieces from whatever brand is putting out good toys to use as additions and supplements to my own DIY creations. If other brands are creating fun and worthwhile 18" Doll Toys, I want to know. I am always a seeker of quality first and a "brand loyalist" second. I loved the original American Girl Dolls (as created by the Pleasant Company) and have only recently become reacquainted with the brand as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel, Inc., so I'm not wedded to it.
Our Generation Logo
Our Generation Dolls Logo
To digress again, I will state that it would be nice if Target and other companies with Doll Brands put on separate but equal events for doll collectors who happen to be adults --- nothing wrong with expanding your market view and courting a wider demographic of customers. This is one of my recurring themes. I'm amazed at any company that sells Dolls or other toys willfully leaving money on the table in an era of "sluggish toy sales." (Kids' attention is being consumed by electronic devices. Screen-time has replaced playtime.) It's funnier still that adult collectors of dolls are largely ignored, because many of these Kids Events will conduct a sweepstakes that one has to be "at least 18 to enter." (It's recognized that adults are usually present at Kids Events, but they are regulated to a position of child chaperone only. Instead, draw them in as brand fans in their own right.) But back to the event at hand...
Yes, the Our Generation Adopt-A-Pup Event sounds totes adorb to use the vernacular. However, it would be made mo' betta, if Target also partnered with a dog rescue organization/s to collect donations (perhaps a percentage of sales generated by the event) and give out information on the plight of pups needing forever homes. Toys with a message. This would garner my support, kids or no. (I don't have children, by the way.) Companies have to start looking at a bigger picture.

Here's a direct copy of the OGDolls Adopt-a-Pup Event ad details:
Target OGDolls Event Image
Join us in the toy department at Target for a very special pup adoption event!
Kids are invited to bring their Our Generation doll, choose a free 6” plush dog to adopt and pose for photos with their friends.
Register by August 27 to secure your spot (and FREE gift). Walk-ins will be available the day of the event while supplies last.
NOTE: When you sign up for this event, you will automatically have a chance to win* over $200 worth of OG products.
Want to add to your OG collection? During this event, at participating Target locations, there will be an in-store sale offering 15% off** select dolls and accessories! (View the complete list of conditions and FAQs.)
*Click here for more information on the sweepstakes rules and regulations
**Selection is based on product availability and stock.

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