Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Queen's Treasures #18inchDolls School Supplies Set #ToyReviews

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TQT School Supplies Set (Doll not included)
The Queen's Treasures School Supplies Set (MSRP $9.99): This set includes an (wooden) apple, three (painted wooden block) books, a pencil, and a (painted wooden block) chalkboard. As with most TQT accessories sets it's nicely packaged in a drawstring cloth tote bag for handy storage. The best piece in this set is the little pencil. It's not to true scale for an 18' Doll, but it's a real little pencil. The rest of the stuff consists of wooden blocks painted to resemble items which is disappointing. I happen to collect miniature books, so I know very well that real tiny books exist. It would have been nice if TQT had made actual little books with flippable pages for this set. I'm not asking for printed text on the pages, blanks would have been perfectly acceptable here. The apple is OK as a prop (although molded clay or ceramic would probably have made a more realistic apple than wood). The chalkboard is very disappointing because tiny real chalkboards abound in craft stores and can be had cheaply. It should not have been a difficult prop to make, but instead of including a real little chalkboard, TQT merely painted a flat piece of wood black on the front  to approximate a chalkboard. The scale of the items here is close to where it should be for most pieces, but the pieces themselves are poorly done miniatures. Of all the TQT sets, I purchased this one has the weakest craftsmanship. It's like all the pieces were an afterthought.

WARNING: In the set I received, the various wooden blocks had rather sharp edges (were not filed round), so might not be entirely safe for a wee child.

Purchased via using SYWR points. 

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