Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Queen's Treasures #18inchDolls Sewing Kit #ToyReviews

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TQT Sewing Kit
The Queen's Treasures Sewing Kit (MSRP $9.99): This kit includes three spools of thread, a measuring tape, a pair of scissors, a pin cushion and a piece of cloth. It's a good thing I sew as the items a nearly big enough for me to use, instead of an 18" Doll using them. Scale is all over the place with the pin cushion absolutely dwarfing the spools of thread and the (wooden) scissors being like a clown prop. Again, it's cute and I'm happy that TQT looks at creating more than kitchens and bedrooms which seems to be the main commercial doll fare, but it's NOT to scale. (The spools of thread are closest to being correctly proportioned.)

Purchased via using SYWR points.

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