Sunday, August 26, 2018

What-A-Doll #18inchDolls Salon Chair with Accessories #ToyReviews

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Dolls Salon Chair with Accessories
What-A-Doll 18" Dolls Salon Chair with Accessories (MSRP $25.99):  The set includes a salon chair and a pack of 7 accessories (a flat iron, a hair dryer, a hairbrush, 2 hair clips, 2 curlers). The accessories are fairly well scaled, the chair slightly less so but within tolerance. Seems fairly sturdy and fits most 18" Dolls. Chair can be moved up & down and has a seat belt to hold doll in place. Seat is padded cushion/upholstery. Perfect for setting up a spa or beauty salon. It's pink!

Purchased via using SYWR points.

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