Friday, August 31, 2018

Win An #AmericanGirl Doll + Pirate PJs + Quilt via #PixieFaire #Contest!

Every week Pixie Faire, a doll goods store and marketplace, gives away a doll and some custom clothing and/or accessories from a currently featured designer. Often the prize is an 18" American Girl® Doll, but it varies and other brands and/or size dolls are sometimes highlighted.
This week's [August 27th - September 3rd] Mod Doll Giveaway is for an 18" American Girl® Truly Me Boy Doll with Pirate PJs and Quilt!

To enter, you vote on which doll (of a pair) wears the featured designer's custom outfit best. You can earn additional entries by social shares, visiting webpages or following designers on social, etc. Sponsoring this weekly contest is a cute way to promote the Pixie Faire store and marketplace.

[SIDENOTE: There are a lot of small businesses and independent designers doing creative things in the Dollworld industry and I happily lend my support to such endeavors. This is also a reason why I enjoy online auctions and buying things (new or used) from the "little guy." I shop small year round, not merely on Small Business Saturday ---though I wholeheartedly support the AMEX promotion.]

I usually only enter in the weeks with an 18" American Girl® Doll as the prize, as these are my main focus. This week I'm in luck. (Doubly so, as a pair of Boy Dolls are featured.)

I will try to get into the habit of posting a reminder on here to enter the "Who Wears It Best?" Mod Doll Giveaway each week.

Enter the contest here ( hosted contest).

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