Friday, August 31, 2018

You've Got Mail! @USPS + #AmericanGirl 🐕 Coming! Stuff For Your #18inchDolls Arrived...

Got an USPS e-notice in the afternoon on the day before yesterday, that my Listia auction win (or Stuff For Your 18" Doll) has reached my local post office. Yesterday, I received the package. I was very excited to test out the teeny working flashlight and to see if the little rubber duckie actually floats. Haha! Then, I opened the package and was disappointed.

Although the Listia vendor advertised the items as "Stuff For Your 18" Doll," this particular stuff is NOT (for the most part) anywhere near 18" Dolls Scale. If the vendor had stated the items were child-sized this would have been a more accurate description. You know this is a pet peeve of mine, because it amounts to false advertising. If a person buys something based on the fact that a seller states it's "for an 18" Doll" and then the item arrives and it's nearly as big as the doll itself, the seller is NOT giving accurate descriptions of the merchandise. And because it's usually a hassle to return items purchased online, many buyers will just suck it up and keep the items (and unfortunately some unscrupulous vendors count on this).

By eyeballing the images posted in the original listing, I could see there was a size discrepancy across the lot of items. But as I had no point of reference, no 18" Doll standing nearby for instance --- and then, perspective can be fudged --- I couldn't be certain which items were closer to 18" Dolls Scale and which were not. Scale is always in reference or relation to... To demonstrate this, I placed my American Girl® Lea's Green Laptop in the upper right-hand corner to show how big most of the auction lot items are in relation to it. Take a look at the image below for my scale mismatch comparison: 
Auction Items Scale Mismatch Comparison
The cell phone toy (which is actually just a rubber cell phone case with a cardboard placard stuck inside it) is BIGGER than a laptop! WTF? The "small" bound notebook is much BIGGER than a laptop! Don't get me started on the rubber duckie! All of the items on the left-hand side of the above image are NOT anywhere near 18" Dolls Scale. As a part of the auction listing description, the seller also stated that all of the included items "would fit into your doll's purse" ---only if the doll's purse is AS BIG AS the doll itself, buddy.

The one item in which I was most interested is the tiny working flashlight, which luckily is within tolerance of the 18" Dolls Scale. The main reason I decided to purchase this auction lot is due to the picture/s and description of this little flashlight. In the auction listing, the seller accurately described it as a keychain. It does actually work and is roughly 18" Dolls sized! I do adore this tiny flashlight. It was the one clear win out of the grab-bag lot of stuff. The little pony tail holder and the two smaller heart stickers are also passable for 18" Dolls use. (I grouped these 18" Dolls scale-appropriate items on the right-hand side of the above image, closest to the laptop.) The other items from the auction lot are... Hmpfff!

I wasn't mean about it, but I did leave seller feedback stating that most of the items were NOT to an 18" Dolls Scale. As I don't personally know the seller, I cannot say whether the inaccurate description of the merchandise is intentional or whether he simply doesn't understand scale and thinks any little item is going to be appropriate for 18" Dolls. I suspect the truth is somewhere in between.

Anyone placing the items next to each other in order to photograph them for auction or to package them for shipping can see with the naked eye that not all of these items are a similar size (in relation to what the item is supposed to be). If the tiny flashlight is 18" Dolls-sized, then by default, the bound notebook isn't, because the small notebook is so much larger than the tiny flashlight ---and by comparison, 8"x11" bound notebooks are quite close to an 12" flashlight's length in real life. But of course, 18" Dolls/American Girl® are popular, so any seller worth his salt has to know that marking a listing of random little stuff as "for your 18" Doll" will likely get the listing more views than merely naming said listing "random little junk."
18" Dolls Scale-Appropriate Items (Close Up)
On a brighter note, I also received a pre-shipment "label has been created" USPS e-notice for my other Listia auction win (listed as an "American Girl Doll Dog Plush"). This item should be en route to me soon. As this is a genuine (used) American Girl® toy, I know that the little stuffed dog should be about 6" in size depending on breed depicted, because American Girl® is pretty accurate with scale. I love getting mail, especially rewards, prizes and freebie shopping scores! No bills. (My few bills are all e-statements these days, anyhow.) So I'm excitedly awaiting this little pup to arrive.

Speaking of stuffed toy dogs, a few days ago it was National Dog Day. Woof! American Girl® tweeted about this National Day (holiday) by using a picture of a group of various little Dog Plush Animals that the company has made as 18" Dolls Pets and asking about how dogs were special to us. I mentally remarked that it was quite timely for me to discover an American Girl® Dog Plush for sale online and to buy it right as National Dog Day was approaching. This is my first American Girl® Pet, so next year my dolls can have their own holiday celebration. By the way, I am decidedly a dog person.

It's a grand time at ModDoll Fun!™ whenever new goodies arrive. I'm sensing a party scene, perhaps depicting the waning days of Summer or possibly a Labor Day cookout. Holidays are made for spending extra time with your pup. Why would a doll's lifestyle be any different? LOL!

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