Friday, September 7, 2018

American Girl #18inchDolls Holiday Pajamas Set #ToyReviews! #eBay #MissingParts Recognize This?

Product: American Girl® Holiday Pajamas Set (circa ?)

Review: This American Girl® 18" Dolls Holiday Pajamas 5-Pieces Set (originally) included a pair of pajama bottoms, a matching sweater, a matching Santa-style hat, matching slippers and an elaborate star-shaped tree-topper ornament. The color palette is a blue/gray with either gold or cream accents, depending on the piece. This is a very nicely done set.
ebay Image (Vendor Copyright)
AG Holiday Pajamas Set with Ornament (?)
Each piece is well made with detailed stitching and the design is stylish and adorable. Your doll will look great wearing this set while snuggled by the fire reading a book or gazing up at her decorated Christmas Tree that is topped with the accompanying gold Star ornament.

NOTE: I purchased this American Girl® Holiday Pajamas Set used, off eBay. (See post.) The eBay vendor stated the original set also included a pair of pajama bottoms (pants), but that these had been lost at some point. The rest of the set was intact and in very good condition. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to discover the American Girl® official catalog name of this set, whether it was a part of a specific American Girl® Doll's Collection or what year it was released. The pieces have little tags on them, but due to the size restriction these merely read "American Girl®." I searched the AG Wiki, but the search function is not discrete and leaves a lot to be desired. If you recognize this set, please leave a comment on this post or contact me via the form in the right-hand side navigation menu. Thank you.

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