Monday, September 10, 2018

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I finally called American Girl® customer service to check on the availability of any replacement screen activity slides for either the Lea's Collection: 2-in-1 Green Laptop/Tablet which I purchased on eBay or the Silver TV Entertainment Center --- see picture below --- which belongs to my doll collecting sister. (At some point, I'd mentioned to my sister that AG might have limited replacement parts available for order by phone only. I said that I would eventually call them once I found a moment... She had asked me to inquire about a few items she was missing from her own doll collection.)

The AG CS rep to whom I spoke initially had no clue about what I was asking, so I explained that the missing pieces were small screen-sized plastic slides of various images that go into a slot on whichever electronic device to simulate onscreen activity. Due to the small dimensions and thinness these were likely the first things to go AWOL, especially if a child was involved. The AG CS rep was kind enough to put me on hold while she inquired for help from a more senior employee. In spite of this valiant effort on her part, I was out of luck as AG had no such inventory. Sad.
Image Copyright ModDoll Fun!
AG TV Entertainment Center (Silver)
Moving on, I also asked about replacement Wellies and headband for the WellieWishers Kendall Doll (again for my sister). She was in luck! Both these items were available to order. The replacement Wellies cost $15.00 and the replacement headband costs $6.00, so for $21.00 plus $5.95 standard shipping her Kendall Doll could be whole again. When reporting my findings, I pointed out to my sister that as WellieWishers Dolls cost ~$60.00, it might make more sense to simply purchase a "backup doll" rather than spend nearly 1/2 of this cost on a few replacement pieces. She said she'd mull it over and decide which way to go. It's her money, but logic is not always her strong suit. (By the way, I am the STEM geek of my immediate family. My living siblings, all of whom are older than I, are all Fuzzy to put it mildly. My oldest sister was a Mathematics major, but the ones between us... meh.)

I also informed this doll collecting sister that I planned to make my own custom replacement screen activity slides for my toy laptop and she, of course, expressed interest in my also making some slides for her toy TV. It seems I'll need to start my custom AG replacement parts side business after all. I've decided I want to stage some cool real-life scenes using dolls and photograph these to print on either cellophane for the lightbox TV toy or photo paper for the laptop. (As the laptop screen is unlit its slides can have an opaque backing vs the see-through slides the backlit TV screen requires.)
Image Copyright ModDoll Fun!
An AG Doll Watching AGTV!
So this will be my next free time project! Figuring out what scenes to stage (like a newscast, soap opera or Windows desktop) and testing methods to create crisp slide prints. It should be fun, but I'll keep you posted. Once I perfect the process and have some finished product, I'll do a Show & Tell blog post.


  1. I'm calling AGTV for a AG interest streaming channel! LOL!

  2. Some screen slide specs to note:
    1. The screen size of the laptop/tablet is 1.5"x2.5".
    2. The screen size for the silver/gray TV lightbox is 5.5"x6.5".
    Saving this information here so that when I start making my own slides I can easily find the necessary dimensions.