Monday, September 3, 2018

#MakersMark Ambassador #Holiday Gifts Make Great #18inchDolls Clothes! #CraftyIdeas #DIY #UpCycle #Toys

Each year Maker's Mark® Bourbon sends out holiday gifts to its Ambassadors (fan club members). The holiday gifts are always bourbon or drinking related: 
  • One year the company sent a bottle warmer in the form of a tiny festive sweater.
  • The next year came another bottle warmer, but in the guise of a tiny holiday scarf. 
  • And then another year, there was a bottle warmer in the form of small bright red earmuffs..
You get the idea. Cute items to dress and make a bottle of bourbon look festive during the holidays.

It just so happens that a Makers Mark® Bourbon Bottle is roughly the same size as a (torso only) 18" Dolls mannequin. Because of this similarity in size, the little sweater and the little scarf that I received during holidays past can easily be re-purposed as 18" Dolls Clothes. The scarf will fit almost any doll. The sweater's fit may either be snug or loose depending on the doll, but both items should work for most 18" Dolls.

See ModDoll (model) pictured below:
ModDoll Fun! Logo (Image Copyright ModDoll Fun!)
18" Doll Clothes (Maker's Mark® Holiday Gifts)
As is, the mini earmuffs band is a bit too short to fit across the head of most 18" Dolls, because it was designed to circle a bottle head/neck which is comparatively narrow. With a little ingenuity this size discrepancy can also be adjusted to fit 18" Dolls, however. If you have a pair of these little earmuffs, but wish to convert them into a doll's accessory....

Try this ModDoll Fun!DIY Crafty Ideas Fix: Carefully cut the earmuffs band in half, then hot glue a patch of similar material (like a cloth covered piece of reinforced cardboard) between the two halves to extend the length of the band. Allow to dry. Voila! You've got a pair of 18" Dolls Earmuffs!

I would like to thank Maker's Mark® for doing such adorable holiday promotional items. (I've been an Ambassador pretty much since the program started.) And while I realize the company didn't intend its items be used as 18" Dolls Clothes & Accessories (since it's an adult beverage), these cute little holiday gifts are better served by this purpose, as my Maker's Mark® never stays around long enough to rate a bottle warmer.

NOTE: The above image of an 18" Doll sporting Maker's Mark® holiday gear is used as the ModDoll Fun!logo on social media.

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