Monday, September 3, 2018

My #AmericanGirl Replacement Parts Side Business #DIY #Simulations #CraftyIdeas

After purchasing an American Girl® Lea's Green Laptop/Tablet on eBay and realizing that this toy "electronic" device (simulated model) didn't come with any "screen slides" which simulate onscreen activity, I half-jokingly said in this post that I should start a side-business making custom screen slide sets for the various American Girl® electronic device toys in existence, because 1) these slides seem to be the first item/s that goes missing or gets lost, and 2) even if you haven't lost your original slides yet, wouldn't it be nice to have the option of showing more images than the 2-3 scenes that came with the electronic device in question?

But of course, I was also curious as to whether I could order replacement parts like this directly from American Girl®, so I sent the company a tweet to inquire as much and received a reply which stated that AG does have some replacement parts available to order (but only) by phone. I guess I'll call in --- I hate calling people, preferring written communication --- sometime after the holiday to determine what items one can get from AG and for how much.

Our tweet exchange is below:
Image Copyright ModDoll Fun!
AG Inquiry Tweet (Screenshot)

Not to be outdone, I still plan to create my own screen slides (I have some ideas for some fun images to draw/print). If the process I'm imagining turns out well, I may offer a few screen slide sets for sale or trade. Perhaps, I'll set up a ModDoll Fun!™ Webstore.

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