Monday, October 8, 2018

American Girl #18inchDolls Mix & Match Collection: Bright Lights Flats (2018) #ToyReviews! #ToyDesign

PRODUCT: American Girl® Bright Lights Flats for 18-inch Dolls (MSRP $10.00) introduced in Fall 2018 as part of the Mix & Match Collection.
(c) 2018 American Girl (Fair Use Product Image)
American Girl® Bright Lights Flats for 18-inch Dolls
REVIEW: These little flats are well-made overall. Solid soles and nicely shaped for the dolls foot. The cut of the shoe looks a bit odd angled out-of-the-box, but looks snazzy on the doll.

My one concern (for play durability for a child) is the black ankle loop. It's attached by a small notch loop at the back of the shoe and I could see this detaching/breaking over time if played with extensively. (This is not as much of a concern for me personally as I don't "play" with my toys, but merely stage still scenes.)

Unlike many glittery items, where most of the glitter eventually flakes off, a nice touch in the design is a durable plastic "glaze" layer over the glitter on the shoes. The shoes are still sparkly, but will definitely hold up better.

A nice little shoe that can add a bit of sparkle to a casual outfit or top off a dressier one.

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