Sunday, October 7, 2018

eBay Luv! New Coupon = More Freebie #Toys: #14inchDolls WellieWishers Sneakers + #DIY Dolls Foosball Table Project

To promote its newly introduced in-house payment system since it separated from Paypal, eBay released a $5.00 coupon code that was only good on purchases from vendors accepting payments via its new system. The coupon code was supposed to be valid for three days (Oct 3-5), but got yanked (expired) early for some unknown reason. While eBay Customer Service couldn't give a specifics as to why the code was pulled (CS received documentation saying the code had been deactivated by not why it was), I was given a unique $5.00 coupon code in apology/replacement that was good for two weeks. 

So I went shopping and found some cute little items that I could get for free, of course! I picked up "2018 handmade fashion canvas shoes for 14.5" WellieWishers Doll m120 SHOES FOR BJD DOLLS" which was listed with a $2.00 Buy It Now price.
(c) 2018 eBay Vendor Image
14.5" Dolls Sneakers
And a "Mini Table Top Football Table Football Foosball Board Machine Home Game Toy Gift" which was listed with a $3.02 Buy It Now price.
(c) 2018 eBay Vendor Image
Tabletop Foosball Game (~5"x8")
Both items included free shipping (from China), so the order total was $5.02. After applying my nifty replacement coupon, the outstanding balance was merely $0.02 which I covered using my eBay Bucks balance. (Interestingly enough, I've managed to earn a few cents back in eBay Bucks generated entirely from my freebie orders.) The result is two cute items picked up totally free!

The 14.5" Dolls Sneakers are for my doll collecting sister's WellieWishers Doll. My sister had recently complained that AG doesn't really make shoes available for the WellieWishers as a separate purchase, only as part of an outfit, and she wanted shoes (just shoes). The little red sneakers look adorable based upon the vendor provided image, so I thought my sister would like them.

I selected the tabletop Foosball Game for a DIY Doll Project which I've been envisioning (a Game Room). I plan to construct a table bottom/legs for it to make it free-standing ---and thus a doll-sized Foosball Table. It should work based upon the specs the vendor gave, but obviously I'll know for certain once it gets here. I felt it was worth a chance as it's a freebie item and if the dimensions don't work well (scale-wise) for an AG Doll, I can always just play with it as a novelty toy for myself.

So it's all good! Thanks, eBay for honoring the coupon by giving me a replacement code. 

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