Saturday, October 6, 2018

Sneak Peaks & Leaks: #AmericanGirl GOTY 2019 Blaire Wilson #Americana #Heartland #Midwestern #FarmGirl

As I am still fairly new to this doll collecting hobby as an adult, I'm playing catching up on news and notes and learning where to get the best inside information. (I hope this blog becomes a good resource for everything doll collecting hobby related.) So I've subscribed to a few newsletters from makers and small businesses, etc. to keep my hand in the game. I'm not on my doll collecting sister's level of keeping up with every nuance... yet. But I do poke around and try to have an eye on what's happening in the doll toy industry.

The day before yesterday, while reading the latest Lee & Pearl newsletter --- these gals are DIYers after my luv-to-mod heart --- I noticed this little bon mot: "But since we saw the recent leaks of potential American Girl® Girl of the Year 2019 Blaire Wilson and her farm-and-garden themed accessories we've been tempted to try one next in robin's egg blue or soft green to match her color scheme." (When I emailed my doll collecting sister, she responded with something like "Oh yeah, I saw those leaks weeks ago." Of course...) Well, this was news to me. Thanks for sharing!

Anyhow, the leaks (for the benefit of anyone who hasn't peeped these yet) consist of some images of accessories and pets for what is presumed to be the American Girl® Girl of the Year (GOTY) 2019 Doll, named Blaire Wilson according to the associated text on the images. Based upon the color scheme of the items (mainly blue/green), the Anglo-sounding name of the doll, the pets (a pig and a lamb) and the accessories (party planning sheets, tablet computer etc.), the general consensus seems to be that the doll will be a "Midwestern Farm Girl" (country theme) who works as a "Party Planner".

Whether these images were merely of late-stage ideas or decided upon product, only time will tell. It will definitely be interesting to see what actually pans out over the next few months before the new American Girl® GOTY 2019 is officially introduced. Nice to see American Girl® is working to re-invigorate the brand (if the AG Rewards program updates and these potential new toys are anything to go by).

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  1. It would seem that AG has filed to trademark "Blaire Wilson" [See]: "The BLAIRE WILSON trademark is filed in the category of Toys and Sporting Goods Products. The description provided to the USPTO for BLAIRE WILSON is DOLLS, DOLL CLOTHING AND DOLL ACCESSORIES."