Monday, October 8, 2018

Virtual Shopping @American_Girl Orlando Store: New Mix & Match Collection Shoes + #AGRewards Holiday Passport? #Promotions

My doll collecting sister visited Orlando recently on vacation and went to the American Girl® store located there. Having only visited the Atlanta store prior to this, we'd curiously wondered if all AG stores were a generic rubber stamped concept or if each store was unique. Turns out the latter thought is closer to the truth (at least when comparing the Orlando & Atlanta locations). My sister said the Orlando store was bigger and seemed less "mall box" than the Atlanta one ---and the stock it carried seemed more varied, which makes sense as a bigger store would have more space for wares.

In the hope that Orlando would have things on the shelf that Atlanta does not, I'd planned ahead and given my $10.00 AG Rewards Certificate to my sister in order for her to get me something cool. She called me to confer while inside the Orlando store and I ended up getting two adorable pairs of new shoes just introduced (Fall 2018) as part of the AG Mix & Match Collection. Regularly priced at $10.00/ea (pair), but 15% off on sale when buying 2 or more items. The sale price total was $17.46 which came down to $7.46 after my AG Rewards Certificate was applied. Not bad for two pairs of adorable little shoes.
(c) 2018 American Girl (Fair Use Product Image)
Bright Lights Flats for 18-inch Dolls
I got the Bright Lights Flats for 18-inch Dolls and the Pretty City Shoes for 18-inch Dolls. Both pairs are well-made cute designs with nice colors. Great additions to my Dolls Shoe Closet. The toy reviews are up next... (By the way, I also wrote quickie reviews for the AG website since AG is running a "Write a Review" contest for October.)
(c) 2018 American Girl (Fair Use Product Image)
Pretty City Shoes for 18-inch Dolls
Yesterday, I noticed that this in-store purchase has now officially logged under my AG account, though there's an error when one tries to [View Details] of the order. As the purchase was made in October, it should qualify for the AG Rewards Holiday Passport promotion which was announced as a celebration of the new AG Rewards updates. Hopefully, I'll get an AG Rewards Holiday Passport in the mail soon. Can't wait to see what all is included/referenced inside. It should be a neat little souvenir, regardless.

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