Monday, October 15, 2018

Win An #AmericanGirl Nanea or Truly Me™ #65 Doll + 1850s Outfit [Pixie Faire Mod Doll Monday Weekly Contest] #18inchDolls #Dolls #DollClothes #Toys

Every week Pixie Faire, a doll goods store and marketplace, gives away a doll and some custom clothing and/or accessories from a currently featured designer. Often the prize is an 18" American Girl® Doll, but it varies and other brands and/or size dolls are sometimes highlighted.
This week's [October 15th - October 22nd] Mod Doll Monday Contest is for an American Girl® Nanea Doll or an American Girl® Truly Me™ 65 Doll and a charming 1850s Peplum Top and Tiered Skirt made by Dolls at Heart Designs.
Image (c) 2018 Pixie Faire
Pixie Faire Mod Doll Monday Giveaway
To enter, you vote on which doll (of a pair) wears the featured designer's custom outfit best. You can earn additional entries by social shares, visiting webpages or following designers on social, etc. Sponsoring this weekly contest is a cute way for Pixie Faire to promote its store and marketplace.

Enter the "Who Wears It Best?" Mod Doll Monday Contest here ( hosted).

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