Thursday, October 25, 2018

Win An #AmericanGirl Truly Me™ #67 or Truly Me™ #62 Doll + Romper Outfit [Pixie Faire Mod Doll Monday Weekly Contest] #18inchDolls #Dolls #DollClothes #Toys

Every week Pixie Faire, a doll goods store and marketplace, gives away a doll and some custom clothing and/or accessories from a currently featured designer. Often the prize is an 18" American Girl® Doll, but it varies and other brands and/or size dolls are sometimes highlighted.
This week's [October 22nd - October 29th] Mod Doll Monday Contest is for an American Girl® Truly Me™ #67 or an American Girl® Truly Me® #62 Doll and a stylish romper made by Love From Lola which is paired with a sleeveless version of the classic Circles Around Jacket.
Image (c) 2018 Pixie Faire
Pixie Faire Mod Doll Monday Giveaway
To enter, you vote on which doll (of a pair) wears the featured designer's custom outfit best. You can earn additional entries by social shares, visiting webpages or following designers on social, etc. Sponsoring this weekly contest is a cute way for Pixie Faire to promote its store and marketplace.

Enter the "Who Wears It Best?" Mod Doll Monday Contest here ( hosted).

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