Saturday, December 29, 2018

The 2019 #AGRewards Birthday Perk is a Bracelet for Your Girl @American_Girl!

American Girl® updated its Birthday Perk for the AG Rewards program with the advent of the new year. Instead of an age-appropriate book, you will now receive a special birthday bracelet for your girl!
AG Rewards 2019 Birthday Perk Bracelet

Each rewards tier gets a different bracelet. Pictured above is the one for Silver (my) tier.
Here's the small print: *AG Rewards™ members receive (1) one free bracelet in celebration of a child's birthday; bracelet varies based on member tier. Silver tier members receive SKU GJH84-KF1A; Gold tier members receive SKU GJH85-KF1A; and Berry tier members receive SKU GJH86-KF1A.

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