Monday, September 30, 2019

Did #OGDolls Update Its Tyler Doll? #OurGeneration #18inchDolls #ToyDesign

I first saw Tyler, the Our Generation (OG) Black Boy Doll about a year ago when my sister sent me a photo of him (see below) NIB on a Target shelf. My initial response was basically "WTF is up with his poofy hair?" Otherwise, he was a OK looking doll, but for whatever reason his hair was this weird poof that made him look hyper-feminine. (It's a Boy Doll so Gender Normative Stereotypes are OK.) You can read my initial thoughts on the Tyler Doll here.
ModDoll Fun! SKD Smartphone Picture
OG Tyler NIB (Poof Hair)
Since then I've caught a few "live" sightings of him (IG posts from people who have this doll in their collections, like the picture below) and I came to think he was adorable. Don't get me wrong the actual design of his hair is off, it is overdone, too much up top ---but, having seen people try to tame his wild poof mane via brushing, etc. I could now see how cute the doll is. That said, I'd pretty much decided were I to acquire a Tyler Doll that I would probably give the doll a trimming hair cut myself to correct the issue.
Instagram Post
OG Tyler Live (Styled Poof Hair) by

Then the other day Our Generation posted a photo scene on Instagram that featured two dolls, a girl & a boy. The boy doll in the photo is Tyler, except he looks quite different. Most noticeable is his hair. It's seemingly closer cropped to his head. No more big poof! You can clearly see his faded sides and there is no crazy overhanging poofy curls overshadowing his face. He may also be a shade or two lighter brown. (This could merely be a lighting issue.)
OG Dolls Instagram Post Screenshot
OG Tyler (Tighter Cropped Hair)
The effect takes Tyler from being an also-run to being a very adorable little boy. The problem is I'm uncertain whether this is an official update (i.e., OG redesigned the doll's hair, gave him a new hairstyle) and all Tyler Dolls going forward will have this new, better 'do OR whether the stylist for the OG Dolls Instagram photoshoot merely made the change herself ---she took one look at his normal overpoof hair, said oh hell no, and trimmed & styled the hair on this one doll.

I'm hoping its a brand level change, of course. And the Tyler I purchase (likely around the holidays) has this fab new 'do. But if not, I have now seen proof that correcting the poof on Tyler is the right way to go and I will have a go at DIY re-creating a better hairstyle for my doll on my own. It would be nice, if the doll came out of the box updated, because the old Tyler needs a haircut one way or the other.

So, did OG update Tyler or am I dreaming?

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