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My @Swagbucks Shop Amazon Shopping Spree: A Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon + 2 Pairs of Shoes + Clothes #Toys #18inchDolls #DollCollectors #Dolls #Swagup

Radio Flyer Little Red Toy Wagon - Length
Radio Flyer Little Red Toy Wagon (Length Scale)
Ever since I recently discovered that Radio Flyer makes a toy version of its iconic red wagon at a scale described as perfect to cart stuffed animals and other small toys, I've wanted one. I thought the toy would be within scale tolerance for an 18" Doll to use as a "real" wagon (i.e., playscale). I did some research and located the item on the Radio Flyer website, it's called the Little Red Toy Wagon. It's priced $19.99. Once I had this information, I also searched for the item on and found that it's usually sold for only $14.99 there. Then I added the item to my Amazon Wishlist to be able to easily monitor it for deals. (This was back in June around my birthday.)

Illustrations of scale for the Radio Flyer Little Red Toy Wagon show that it should be very appropriate to function as a "real" wagon in my 18" Dollworld. (See photos above and below.)
Radio Flyer Little Red Toy Wagon - Size
Radio Flyer Little Red Toy Wagon (Size Scale)
By the way, I'm an inveterate Amazon shopper having used the ecommerce site for nearly 20 years. I like the convenience of shopping from home (or on the go), of being able to store Gift Certificate balances on account, of a generally wide selection of items, and of the fact that nearly every rewards program in existence offers Amazon Gift Cards as a payment or prize option. As a result, my Amazon account (and my dog's Amazon account) always have money available. Yes, pup has her own account and has treats and meds subscriptions to keep her well stocked. She gets more stuff regularly from Amazon than I do and as such assumes any Amazon Delivery is for her LOL!
Radio Flyer Little Red Toy Wagon - Description
Radio Flyer Little Red Toy Wagon (Product Description)
As I consistently research various toy items for my 18" Dolls Collection, I will often keep tabs on them via an Amazon Wishlist created for this purpose. I'd also recently discovered that Sophia's World, a toy wholesaler that is often referred to simply as Sophia's, makes several styles of 18" Dolls shoes that are very authentic looking. There is a little pair of brown faux leather penny loafers that are particularly adorable. Several third party vendors on Amazon Marketplace resell Sophia's World (or Sophia's) items at varying retail prices.

At some time previously, I'd found an Amazon Marketplace vendor who has up a listing for a pair of the little faux leather Sophia's 18" Dolls Brown Penny Loafers and a pair of trendy faux suede Sophia's 18" Dolls Navy Sneakers together as a set for $11.95. See the photos below. This set of shoes had also been added to my Wishlist, of course. In fact, the little red wagon and the shoes were my most wanted items.

And since the $12 shoes + $15 wagon = $27 (a base amount slightly over the $25 necessary to qualify for free shipping), I had it in my mind that I could purchase the top two items on my Wishlist in the same transaction as a holiday gift to myself. I thought these items would be perfect for my recently purchased 18" Boy Dolls, Ty and Ash (the Our Generation Tyler Doll and the Our Generation Gabe Doll, respectively). Even so, I still wanted a good deal on the items, so kept an eye open.
Sophia's Brown Leather Penny Loafers
Sophia's 18" Dolls Brown Penny Loafers (Faux Leather)
Sophia's Navy Sneakers
Sophia's 18" Dolls Navy Sneakers (Faux Suede)
The stars aligned yesterday, so I ended up shopping at via Swagbucks Shop (earn 2% back on Toys & Games). Also, I had a bonus offer (Swagup) active which promised me $5.00 (500 sb) credit, if I spent at least $5.00 + earned back at least 25sb ($0.25) on a transaction. When Swagbucks first offered me this Swagup bonus offer, I recognized that receiving $5.00 credit back on the purchase of my two most wanted toys would drop my effective cost down to ~$24.00 (the order total with tax for the 2 pairs of shoes and the wagon was roughly $29.00). Initially however, Toys & Games was not included in the list of Amazon categories that earned cash back when shopping via Swagbucks, so again, I held off waiting for a promotion.

I knew that the categories which earn cash back sometimes change depending on what's being promoted at a specific site, so I figured with the holidays coming up that Toys & Games might become activated as a cashback earning category. My hunch proved correct. Last night, I received an email from Swagbucks which basically said that Toys & Games purchases at Amazon would earn 2% cash back for a limited time. This meant that my projected $26.94 plus tax Amazon order would also qualify for the Swagup bonus offer and free shipping. So I bit.

I clicked through the email to Swagbucks Shop and then was redirected to Amazon. Instead of using my Wishlist links, I searched for the items that I wanted in order to make certain I got the most recent listings, starting with the shoes. I added these to my cart. Next, I searched for the Little Red Toy Wagon and discovered that I could get a used one from Amazon Warehouse.

FYI: Amazon Warehouse is the Amazon department which resells stock that has been returned still in "new" or at least decent condition, as well as stock that might show slight damage due to shipping issues (i.e., the item/s arrived at Amazon's actual warehouse/s having been damaged in transit from the vendor). Such items, if available, will appear for sale by Amazon Warehouse in the list of vendors on a product page, give a condition of the item in its description and be offered at a discounted price. Sometimes there may be multiple "used" items in different conditions and at corresponding price discounts (as in a used bookstore). Interestingly enough, people on various deal sites have reported having good luck with Amazon Warehouse items. I have seen quite a few comments to the effect of "bought an item listed as Used - Like New and the item was New except the box was dented." Obviously, this is a "luck of the draw" sort of thing, but it can be a way to score a deal on an item that you desire.

In this case, when I searched & landed on the product page for the Little Red Toy Wagon, Amazon Warehouse listed one "used - acceptable" item in stock priced at $11.24, plus there's a current promotion to save an extra 20% on certain category items sold by Amazon Warehouse and Toys & Games is an included category. This deal would make my effective price for the (used) Little Red Toy Wagon only $8.99, a savings of $6.00. The used item description basically stated that it might have paint imperfections or slight dings and come in a damaged box. It's a wagon! I figured any little dings or paint scratches would merely add to the realism factor, making it look as if my Boy Dolls were active, adventurous kids who take their wagon out and sometimes bump it into things, etc. So I added the item to my cart, joining the shoes.
MeiMei Dress & Hat Costume
MeiMei 18" Dolls Dress & Hat (Fashion Outfit)
Due to the "used" price discount scored on the wagon, both items now totaled under $25.00 (the threshold for the order to qualify for free shipping), so I quickly searched for a cheap filler toy in the 18" Dolls Accessories category to put the order over the hump. I found an interesting looking 18" Dolls Costume Dress & Hat Set by MeiMei for $3.19, which made the order total ~$26.00, prior to any extra discounts. BINGO! The order would now qualify for Free Shipping.

By buying the "used" Amazon Warehouse item, I was able to score a third item and still spend the roughly the same amount that the two original items (2 pairs of shoes + wagon) would normally have cost. But it gets better. The 20% extra discount on Amazon Warehouse items is tallied in the cart after crediting the base item cost towards the Free Shipping threshold. The red wagon appears in the invoice as a line item costing $11.24. The set of 2 pairs of shoes appears at $11.95 and the dress & hat costume appears at $3.19. Thus, I score Free Shipping (quoted as a savings of nearly $9.00) and then the extra 20% discount ($2.25) comes off.

So, even though the 3 items end up costing only $24.93 total (including tax) the order still ships free. At a rate of 2% cash back, my $24.13 pre-tax purchase should earn about $0.48 (48 sb). So this purchase should also trigger my Swagup bonus offer as I spent at least $5 and will earn at least 25 sb back. The total credit that I receive back on the purchase should be 548 sb ($5.48) which drops the effective cost of the THREE items to only $19.45 or about $6.48 per item. Not bad!

If I'd simply bought the original TWO items at their regular prices ($14.99 + $11.95) the total cost of the order including tax would have been almost $29.00. (I knew this because a few days ago, I'd put the two items in my cart as a test order.) BUT because I was willing to wait and look for a deal, I was able to score THREE items (the original two plus a bonus item) for just $19.45. Being a savvy shopper paid off, I still got the two items that I wanted, got a bonus item to boot, and saved nearly $10.00 on the full price. I consider this a win!

My order is projected to arrive in roughly a week. My Our Generation 18" Boy Dolls Ty and Ash (who are BFFs) are looking forward to playing with their new red wagon and sporting some cool kicks! My Tolly Tots 18" Girl Doll likes the pink dress & hat costume. IRL pictures to come soon.

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