Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Scored A Neat Doll-Sized Toy Race Car @kinderus #KinderEggSurprise #18inchDolls #OGDolls

I found a digital coupon in the Kroger app to Buy One Kinder Bueno Bar and Get One Kinder Egg Free. Because Kinder Bueno Bars are new to the States, these are being promoted everywhere and were on sale 10/$10 at Kroger. So for $1.00, I got both a Kinder Bueno Bar and a Kinder Egg.
Tiny Toy Race Car (Kinder Egg Surprise)
As I've stated before (see post), Kinder Eggs contain toy surprises that often make perfect doll-sized items. It's "luck of the draw" of course, but one can find tiny items inside these eggs that make for fun additions to an 18" Doll Collection. And luck was with me this time, as I scored a tiny toy race car! It's perfectly 18" doll-sized ---and it actually works! You simply pull it back and release it to watch the little car zoom away.

This will make a great miniature stocking stuffer for my OG Boy Dolls, Ty and Ash. As I finally acquired "the boys" (I'd previously determined that I wanted to re-start my 18" Doll Collection with Boy Dolls) my next step has been plotting their Christmas. (I ordered a red wagon and some stylish shoes from Amazon the other day.)

The boys can pull their toy race car around in their red wagon!
Assembled Tiny Toy Race Car (Kinder Egg Surprise)
Tiny Toy Race Car (Kinder Egg Surprise) - 18" Doll Hand Scale

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