Welcome to ModDoll Fun!™ a space I've created both as a practical tool and a hobby playroom. As an engineer, a Do-it-Yourselfer, an Architecture & Design enthusiast and the founder of an eco-conscious home & garden lifestyle brand called Castle Modern™, I recognize that there will be times when building a scale model of a project that I'm working on in real-life may be helpful. Due to my relatively recent re-introduction to the now expanded world of American Girl via my young niece, I decided on the spur of the moment to build any models deemed necessary of real-life Castle Modern™ projects in a scale appropriate for an 18" Doll.

Roughly two Summers ago (circa 2016), I happened to be babysitting my little niece when she innocently asked if I could make "bigger small things" (miniatures) for her American Girl Doll/s in response to my mentioning during one of our discussions about toys that I had built and/or collected "dollhouse" miniatures for a good part of my life. While I'd previously worked almost exclusively in 1" scale [1" = 1' which is considered the standard for miniatures], I thought why not move to a larger scale and create things an American Girl Doll could use? This simple thought created a monster, namely me, as an adult re-emergent Doll Collector LOL!
ModDoll = Doll-Scale Models = Mod(ern) Dolls (rad, cool, hip, popular): American Girl is the standard here, but other brands are competing, so I look at what is being done across the entire world of the Doll Toys industry, mainly regarding 18" Dolls, but occasionally straying into other sizes. As a geek, when I pursue anything, I learn all about it and become an expert. It's how my mind works. So nowadays, I read and study and keep up with the Doll Toys industry --- and develop strong opinions along the way!
I enjoy exploring my hobbies to the fullest, discovering new information and sharing what I've discovered along with my take on this information, so I also report toy industry news, write toy reviews and post my own toy industry commentary ---and archive all this data here. Doing so helps me keep tabs on my hobby interests, and hopefully helps others who are searching for similar knowledge. I LOVE toys because they are shrunken mimics of the real world in which we live and the fantasy world of which we dream.

It's been a fun journey into a bigger Model (or in this case, ModDoll) World which has given me a slew of topics to discuss with my niece (and one of my sisters who was already an adult collector of dolls) and a newfound appreciation of working in a comparatively larger scale to create models of real-life projects. I don't model every project that I develop for Castle Modern™, but it is an Architecture & Design tool which I employ when I feel that seeing a beforehand representation of something which I'm in the process of designing or developing will help me mentally plot the actual end result. ModDoll Fun!™ is the space where I work out all these details and where I share & enjoy my toys and miniatures collecting hobbies, albeit now in a larger scale. Come journey with me!

Welcome to ModDoll Fun!

-- Θεα