Friday, July 20, 2018

American Girl Store - Atlanta: GOTY Luciana Vega Event II #18inchDolls

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STEM Handout from American Girl Event

Yesterday, my sister and I took our niece to the second "Girl of the Year: Luciana Vega" Event at the American Girl Store - Atlanta. (We also took her to the first event back in April(?) of this year.) At the event girls could score an outer space themed T-Shirt for their American Girl Dolls, along with some science handouts which detailed things like phases of the moon. And there were also some science related craft stations throughout the store where girls could make things like little (paper cutout) Space Shuttles. Adults (18+) could also enter to win a Luciana Vega Doll, ostensibly on behalf of a child. But overall, this event was basically a repeat of the first event with a few add-ons. Still it was a fun afternoon.

American Girl RC Car Product Card
We also got to see a few of the newly released products in person which we'd already seen either in the latest catalog or on We all liked the new RC Sports Car which can hold two dolls. My niece tried to drive it off the pedestal, but of course it was "locked in place" to prevent this.

NOTE: While I understand that these events are currently aimed at children, American Girl should consider having adult-only events also, as the brand probably has as many adult collectors as children, so it seems nearsighted to ignore the adult market segment. (Many brands, like LEGO, recognize adult fans to their benefit.) I lusted after an American Girl Doll as a child but couldn't afford one back then. I started paying attention to the brand again, when my niece became interested in it. But I noted, sadly, that American Girl largely ignores its adult fans. Considering the market is shrinking it seems nuts not to expand "marketing" to include adult doll collectors. Just my two cents. In addition to being able to enter the contest to win a doll, adults could also get an "Event Code" which garners 10 points in the American Girl Rewards program. (Points convert to $ rewards certificates at tiered amounts.) In other words, American Girl recognizes that adults are generally making the purchases, but pretends adults are not also buying things for themselves, instead of merely for children they know.
American Girl Store Event Code (Used)

Anyway, my sister and I have both become adult collectors to some extent. She loves to sew and so mainly focuses on making and designing clothes and such. I'm an engineer who loves architecture (who also built and collected miniatures as a child), so I mainly look at the accessories and furniture to plan out miniature scenes (model staging). It's a fun way to both connect with our niece and revisit childhood passions.

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