Tuesday, August 28, 2018

American Girl #18inchDolls Lea's Collection: Green Laptop/Tablet #ToyReviews #ReplacementParts #BizIdeas

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Lea's Green Laptop (Front, Together)
I purchased this item on eBay and it arrived today. It was labeled as new in the auction listing, but as it's an odd lot piece from a larger playset called Lea's Rainforest House, I figured such labeling was circumspect. Though the little toy laptop/tablet is actually Made in China and the vendor is also in China, so perhaps he/she got hold of some overrun solo pieces from the playset and is selling these per item.

In the original playset, the laptop/tablet apparently comes with 2-3 image slides that slip into a side slot on the tablet (piece) to simulate onscreen activity. The vendor did not include these (or mention them). Wonder if I could order replacement slides from American Girl?
AG should definitely offer missing parts to order. That would be a budding side business. I'll probably just buy a clear overhead projector sheet and cut out some pieces to size, then draw/paint some scenes on them. I am a geek, after all. Perhaps, I'll create custom packets of slides for different size AG items and peeps can order them from me. LOL! My sister has various AG devices like a TV and a tablet computer that are in a similar state ---missing the image slides. So it seems a common problem.
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Lea's Green Laptop/Tablet (Front, Separated)
The date on the back says 2016. It's very cute. It's hard, sturdy plastic and has realistic detailing (excepting the blank screen). American Girl created a nice little toy here. I'm very satisfied with my freebie purchase. (I used an eBay coupon from a promotion and got the item for free including shipping.) It will be a nice prop to stage techie 18" Dolls scenes.
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Lea's Green Laptop/Tablet (Back, Separated)

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