Wednesday, August 22, 2018

#Listia Auction Score! #AmericanGirl Sandy the Dog Plush (2003) #18inchDolls

I earned some Listia XNK (cryptocurrency) by completing a task for the website and this free money was burning a hole in my virtual pocket. Today while eating a late lunch, I was browsing (one of my leisure time hobbies) when I found an auction listing for an "American Girl Doll Dog" with a [Get It Now] price. The pup is used, but in very good shape and still has its lavender bandana.

I couldn't resist and pulled the trigger, buying what turned out to be an American Girl Sandy the Dog (plush) that was released in 2003 and retired the following year. [According to the American Girl Wiki: Sandy the Dog is part of Kailey's Collection. The retail cost was originally $18.]
Image Copyright American Girl Wiki
Sandy the Dog (2003)

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