Friday, August 24, 2018

Mini Bible & Chaplet NOT for #18inchDolls #Listia #ScaleModels

I won this auction on Listia (shortly before the site switched from credits to XNK cryptocurrency). The pair of items didn't cost very much, but the transaction turned out to be a disappointment due to a very poor description of scale. Sigh.

Many vendors are lax in this sort of thing and it matters. Some people genuinely don't understand scale. Others are simply trying to take advantage of the popularity of 18" Dolls in general and of American Girl in particular by labeling any small toy-like item "for 18" Dolls" or "like American Girl."

This bible is 6" tall making it exactly 1/3 of the height of an 18" Doll. While there may be some huge bibles in existence, the average bible size is NOT 1/3 of the height of a person in real life, which is the scale equivalent. I'm willing to give some leeway in scale due to the nature of the toy business, but this is ridiculous! Bibles aren't this big even when compared to a child in real life. (The chaplet was more appropriately scaled, but still off.)

While the bible won't work my purposes here, I gave it to my niece as her own personal little bible. Most tiny items bought online aren't worth the effort to return (and unfortunately, some unscrupulous vendors count on this). I don't know the vendor of this specific auction one way or another, my comments speak to the general tenor of what I've encountered in online auctions while searching for ModDolls (18" Dolls-Scale Models).
Mini Bible & Chaplet (auction win)

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