Friday, August 3, 2018

My #18inchDolls iPad Mini Arrived! #eBay #Toys #ScaleModels #PetPeeves

Doll's iPad Mini Toy
The toy iPad that I ordered via eBay arrived from Hong Kong in the post today. Although it was advertised as an 18" Dolls Scale Toy iPad, the actual scale makes it more of an iPad Mini in an 18" Doll's hand. Since iPad Minis exist, it will still work for my purposes, but it's obvious that the seller is simply capitalizing on the popularity of 18" Dolls by advertising the item in this way when the toy was likely originally designed for a smaller doll. Oh well, it was free with my eBay coupon so I'm not sending it back to HK. I didn't expect miracles. But I certainly wouldn't buy anything from this seller again.

I always laugh at people's claims of scale in online listings. Few seldom get it right. It's obvious the average consumer/vendor has no concept of scale. That could kill you (or likely someone else) in the field of engineering. As an engineer and tech geek, I am a stickler for accurate scale. If you say something is such and such scale, I certainly expect it to be as described.

In this case it's merely a cheap plastic metal plated toy, so I'm not planning to go find the seller and kick his.... Ha!

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