Tuesday, August 28, 2018

My Life As... An "Outdoorsy Boy" Doll (Walmart) #18inchDolls #ToyReviews #MarketInsights

"OMG! He's got a man bun!"

This is how my sister alerted me to the fact that she had just spied a My Life As... 18" Boy Doll when we were browsing in Walmart the other evening (part of a toy run). I quickly moved down the store aisle to see what she was talking about and gasped when I noticed him on the shelf. (See picture below.)
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MLA "Outdoorsy Boy" Doll
Upon closer examination, to be technical he's wearing more of a high pony versus a "man bun," but her laughing response was on point. Can you believe this thing? What were the designers thinking? I can appreciate that whoever came up with this doll concept design was trying to create a toy that was hip and relevant and contemporary, but my first reaction was I'm not going to purchase "Outdoorsy Boy" Doll. Would you? LOL! There is such a thing as too much pop culture embrace.

But then I actually saw past the silly and examined the doll itself. The actual doll design isn't bad. It's nice that the boy doll is seemingly "ethnic." Variety is always nice (not to mention, the spice of life). And presumably, his hair style is adjustable. So you could take down the high pony, but I'd prefer to have been able to see what his hair looks like hanging. To see what the actual hairstyle or cut looks like. Pony tails can be deceptive. His outfit isn't horrible. The pants and sweatshirt are pretty basic attire. I don't like the shoes at all. Compared to the material of the pants and the sweatshirt, the boots that he's wearing seem to be made of particularly cheap plastic. I get it: there was a set budget per doll and most of it was spent on the silky hair and the clothes. (Isn't this the same with humans?)

Obviously, his cheap plastic boots can be replaced with a real pair of little shoes ---like ultra cool 18" Dolls Hiking Boots (two pairs) which I already own. I actually bought them thinking that these would be perfect for an Outdoorsy Doll outfit, since I also own an 18" Dolls Camping Set and was mentally plotting out scenes that I could create with it. I LOVE the Great Outdoors! (It doesn't always love me in return or perhaps, it loves me overmuch. Thanks allergies.) Granted the little camping gear I purchased is pink, but if this fella is wearing a high pony, he's hipster enough to use pink camping gear. Don't you think?

On second thought, I might get this doll for the right price (i.e., on sale) or if someone gave me one, but if I were out shopping for an 18" Boy Doll specifically this would probably not be my first choice. I like Boy Dolls, because they are a comparative rarity in the 18" Dolls World. I always pay attention to 18" Boy Dolls when I find them in the wild and examine what manufacturer's are putting out and considering relevant to the 18" Dolls marketplace audience. 

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