Friday, August 24, 2018

Newberry Dolls (Kmart) #18inchDolls Foldout Chair/Sofa Bed [Lotus Onda] #ToyReviews

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Newberry Dolls Chair/Bed
Chair, pillow and blanket (MSRP $14.99) by Lotus Onda for Newberry Dolls: The blanket is more like a half-blanket as it neither covers a doll or the bed fully. Pillow is OK (it's a puff rectangle). This chair --- described erroneously as a sofa but is only wide enough for a single doll to sit in at a time --- is made of firm foam that holds it's shape well and supports the weight of an American Girl Doll (though an alternate brand product). So it functions as a chair. It also unfolds completely to flatten into a mattress or futon so it also functions as a casual doll bed. The problem is once the thing is unfolded it's difficult to return to chair form. The pieces are attached by straps and Velcro, but sometimes flip in the opposite direction as you're  trying to reassemble the chair. Ends up being a hassle to unlatch and flip and reattach. The issue could have been corrected, if the design had left the chair back as a solid piece that does not flatten and only folded out the seat cushions section. It may be too much of a hassle for a child to switch back and forth from chair to bed. I'm annoyed enough by the design flaw that I usually leave it as a chair, but that's why I bought it. (I have real doll beds for use as beds.)

The product mimics real-life in this sense: I know sofa beds were popular for a time, but few people used them regularly because invariably they were difficult to pull out and then return to form (sofa). The combo sofa/bed is a nice thought, but a poor actualization (in real life and in the doll world). Because I wanted more chairs, this is a decent product even with its design imperfection, because it actually functions as a chair --- unlike the similar Badger Basket item I bought (also from --- and it was roughly half the cost, $14.99 vs $29.99 for a poor excuse for a chair.
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Badger Basket Chair/Bed

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