Thursday, August 16, 2018

Picked Up A $5.00 eBay #Freebie: #AmericanGirl Lea's Laptop #18inchDolls #Toys #Coupon

As noted here, I discovered a $5.00 eBay Coupon while playing a game earlier. The coupon seems to work on any purchase, so I decided to look for a toy to use in ModDoll Home staging. I searched for 18" Dolls and looked for items $5.00 or less with free shipping.
eBay Vendor Image
Lea's Green Laptop
I found an American Girl prop. A seller was hawking "Lea's Green Tablet/Laptop" toy. (Originally a piece in Lea's Rainforest House playset.) I could [Buy It Now] for $5.00 with free shipping. So I added it to my cart, applied the $5.00 coupon I'd found and got this cute little toy for FREE which is my second favorite price (the first is a moneymaker). Thanks, eBay!

Here's a hot tip... visit eBay and try this code: MYFUNFIVE.

As with any online promo YMMV but if it works for you, what are you going to buy?

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