Sunday, August 26, 2018

#WorldsSmallest #Toys #HotWheels #18inchDolls #Miniatures: Shopping with My Sister in Fayetteville

My crazy doll collector sister called me somewhat out of the blue yesterday afternoon and asked if I wanted to "ride out" with her to Fayetteville (Georgia) as she'd searched online and discovered the JOANN store there had the World's Smallest (toys) Hot Wheels Collection in stock. (If you're curious about my take on the World's Smallest brand by Super Impulse, read the summary at the top of this page.) The phone call from my sister was only somewhat out of the blue, because a few days prior she'd mentioned to me that World's Smallest had created a Hot Wheels Collection and that she wanted to find them. So I was aware that she was on the lookout for these toys, but didn't expect at call at 5:30p Saturday inviting me to tag along on a toy hunt.
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WS Hot Wheels Car

I grew up playing with Hot Wheels (I was born a gearhead and an engineer), still loosely collect them and I'm also a miniatures fanatic. In response to her invitation, I think I yelled something like "Let me get my shoes!" I couldn't resist the chance to see teeny tiny working versions of little cars and race tracks. Hot Wheels themselves are miniatures of actual vehicles. The World's Smallest versions of Hot Wheels are less than an inch long (a miniature of a miniature = awesomesauce) yet still roll and can run (be pushed) on the teeny race tracks World's Smallest also created as part of the collection.
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WS Hot Wheels Car + Racetrack

But of course, my sister is a Shopper (that S is capital for a reason) and never merely goes to one store, so we also visited a Hobby Lobby store which had some World's Smallest toys, too, but not as much of a selection as the JOANN store; two Walmart stores, because my sister said the My Life As 18" Dolls brand was on sale (I'll discuss what I saw at Walmart in a separate post); a Goodwill, because who knows what surprise toys one can score when thrifting; and a QT. (I admit the QT was my idea, because I wanted a Frozen Hot Chocolate, but unfortunately the machine was broken, so I had to settle for a smoothie --- the cashier was nice enough to comp my drink of choice due to the inconvenience of the broken machine, which was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. I love QT!)

My sister came away with a nice little toys haul, all accessories for one of her American Girl Dolls. She's decorating a bedroom and a playroom in her dollhouse, I believe. I was a sharply focused on the teeny little cars, so may have missed a part of the discussion. I was just along for the ride and to see the toys. It was also fun to discuss the toy industry with my kooky sister and hang out. I try not to be a splurge (of the moment) shopper and instead plan my purchases to get the best deal/value, so I had determined on the ride down not to buy anything on short notice, still I was sorely tempted.
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WS Etch-A-Sketch
Now, that I've seen several examples of World's Smallest toys (thanks to several of my sister's shopping trips), I will definitely acquire some of these items for my staging projects --- the brand does good work (exceptional miniature design engineering)! I certainly want the World's Smallest Hot Wheels Collection --- all of it! (2018 is Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary, so this line is part of the celebration.) The items we saw were so sweet. I had to tell myself several times, "No, no, no!" Not today, but eventually I will get my grubby hands on some choice World's Smallest pieces. Bank on it. I think I dreamt of tiny Hot Wheels cars last night.

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