Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Queen's Treasures #18inchDolls Pizza 🍕 Set #ToyReviews

Image Copyright Sears
TQT Pizza Set
As is ever the case with The Queen's Treasures items, this 18" Doll Pizza Set (MSRP $11.99) is summed up as poorly scaled, but wonderful craftsmanship. The little pizza cutter actually rotates, but it is way bigger than a pizza cutter should be in relation to the Doll's Size/Height (scale). The mitt is OK, a bit roomy but wearable and the metal pizza platter could be an "end table top" (i.e., it's much bigger than a plate should be in relation to the Doll's Size). It's a miniature work of art, but NOT to scale for an 18" Doll. A child might not care. I was born an engineer, so paid attention to scale even as a small child --- finding a working scale model of a wind-up music box in a second-hand store when I was but a wee tot is one of the reasons I started collecting miniatures in the first place. I am an odd duck, however.

This was purchased via using SYWR points.

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