Saturday, September 29, 2018

#18inchDolls Swimming Goggles On the Way via eBay! #Coupon #Freebie

eBay released a new coupon code the other day and I used it to grab a tiny pair of swim goggles for 18" Dolls (and a bag of candy). See this post. (Code expires at the end of the day.)

These were so adorable -- based upon the picture below. I thought I could use them for beach and pools scenes. They were 99-cents USD, but I got them free due to the coupon and an odd-lot eBay GC that I keep for just such purposes. The item is shipping from China, so it will be a while before it's due to arrive. The nice thing about scoring a total freebie which takes some time to ship is that it seems like a random fun surprise whenever it gets here.
(c) 2018 eBay (Vendor Image)
18" Dolls Swim Goggles

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