Friday, September 14, 2018

Vote For American Girl® To Be Inducted Into the Strong Museum of Play National Toy Hall Of Fame®!

Caught this neat tweet on my feed last night:
Screenshot Image Copyright ModDoll Fun! 2018
Madison, WI COC Tweet
It turns out that American Girl® Dolls, which were originally created some 30 odd years ago, are a finalist for this year's class at the National Toy Hall of Fame® and the hoi polloi get to help decide which three finalists (toys) will be inducted into the hall for 2018. Cast your vote once daily now through Wednesday, Sept. 19.

*There are other toys on the ballot for this year's class of hall inductees, but as I'm a fan of American Girl®, the brand is a main focus of this blog, and its also the only toy on the short list that was specifically created to empower little girls, I'm pointing this milestone out. You can obviously vote for whichever toy you like.

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