Sunday, February 17, 2019

Psst! @kinderus Kinder Eggs Toy Surprises Equal #18inchDolls Sized Toys!

A Dutch friend introduced me to Ferrero Group's Kinder Surprise Eggs (the Italian version chocolate egg with a "capsule" inside containing a toy surprise) nearly two decades ago. We were visiting a Dutch (and other assorted international) goods import store when my friend spotted some of the confections in a box on the counter. He cried out that we must get some, as these were a favorite childhood treat for him. I adored them instantly.

Kinder Joy Egg
Recently, Ferrero Group updated the confection for USA markets (to get around an embargo1) branding the new item Kinder Joy Eggs. This new treat consists of a plastic egg-shaped container with candy in one sealed half and a toy surprise sealed separately in the other half). This redesign was done to alleviate concerns over the tiny toy surprise inside being a choking hazard ---which ostensibly was the reason for the embargo. This logic is the same reason that bakeries which make "authentic" King Cakes for Mardi Gras have posted disclaimers/waivers regarding the tiny toy baby baked into said  cake. (If you bite into the toy and break a tooth say, you can't sue.) While I can understand the change from a supposed consumer safety standpoint, I still prefer the original Italian version Kinder Surprise Eggs, because I knew them first and they are chocolate. However, it's nice that the idea lives on and is more widely available in the current US market.

All this is merely a lead up to say that many of the wee toy surprises included inside (either version) of the Kinder Egg happen to be appropriately sized playthings that are perfect for 18" (or 14") Dolls! (I love discovering tiny items that can be re-purposed for dolls.) Thus, I now have another excuse to buy candy LOL. I'll pick up a Kinder Egg here & there and sometimes come across nifty little items inside that make great additions when staging 18" Dolls scenes. So if you're looking for another avenue to acquire doll-sized things for your collection, check out these candy eggs. It's a win-win, candy and a shot at a cool doll-sized toy.

By the way, a while back Kroger gave away the new Kinder Joy Egg as a part of its Free Friday Download program and of course, I redeemed the freebie, ate the candy and kept the little toy surprise inside for my doll collection.

Check out the toy I received in the Kroger freebie Kinder Joy Egg below:
Miniature Leaping Leopard Game Toy
Miniature Leaping Leopard Game Toy
1 Why are Kinder Surprise Eggs illegal in the USA.

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