Monday, April 1, 2019

Thrift Store Find: A Working Miniature Wind-Up Music Box by Mr. Christmas #18inchDolls #Toys #Miniatures

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Mr. Christmas Smallest Music Box (product packaging)
Working miniature wind-up music box in original packaging found at Value Village for only $0.60. The manufacturer is Mr. Christmas. The product is labeled "Our Smallest Music Box" and it's a small lidded wood box (clear viewing window in the lid) containing a winter scene inside with little trees, snow on the ground & a tiny choo-choo on a circular track (disc piece holding train & track rotates) that plays "We wish you a Merry Christmas." Still works.

The scale is such that it makes a lovely "working" model train for 18" Dolls (or similar). Will be a great piece for creating Christmas scenes. I can see this nestled next to a miniature Christmas tree as a doll watches the little train go round...

My Life As #18inchDolls Hearing Aids Accessories Set #ToyReviews

My Life As™ (Walmart brand) Hearing Aids with Earring Sticker Sheet, for 18" Dolls
My Life As™ Hearing Aids

A nice little 18" Dolls accessories set which includes two (molded plastic) doll's hearing aids, one for either ear, and an earrings sticker sheet (five pairs) which provides a simple alternative to actually piercing a doll's ears.

The hearing aids were designed to fit 18" My Life As™ Dolls, but should fit other brands, too depending on doll's ear design. The sticker earrings should fit almost any 18" Doll.

These sets have been on clearance at many Walmart stores for around $1.00+ (depending on location). The original MSRP is ~$9.99. I scored this one off eBay for $0.35 OOP (see post here).