Sunday, October 27, 2019

American Girl: Kit's Camera Case (2009) Arrived! #eBay #18inchDolls #Toys #MailCall

Tolly Tots Doll Lauren Models Kit's Camera Case
AG Kit's Camera Case (from Reporter Accessories)
I scored a nice little American Girl® Camera Case for a penny on eBay. See my post here. It's a piece from Kit's Reporter Set (presumably a factory overrun sold as a solo piece), a black hard shell (vinyl-like) camera case with a slip-tab closure.

Modeled in the picture above by my Tolly Tots 18" Doll who my niece (and my sister) named Lauren. Oddly enough, I've owned this doll for roughly 13 years and had never bothered to give her a name. Don't recall if there was one on her box and it's long gone. Granted she sat on a closet shelf for most of that time, until I loaned her to my niece for a time a few years ago. (This is also how Lauren got the marker "scratch" on the side of her chin.)

AG Kit's Photography Set
AG Kit's Photography Set
Two sets of accessories for the American Girl® Kit Kittredge Doll featured her accordion style Kodak Camera and its protective case (or bag). The first was called Kit's Photography Set, it was introduced to Kit's Collection in 2001 and retired in 2008. This set is associated with the book Changes for Kit and had a retail cost of $20.00. In this version the camera case was thick black plastic (vinyl-like) and had a magnetic clasp. (See photo above.)

Later the camera and bag were reintroduced as part of Kit's Reporter Accessories (also known as Kit's Reporter Set). This newer set was added to Kit's Collection in 2009 and retired in 2015. It's associated with the movie Kit Kittredge: An American Girl and had a retail cost of $28.00. As part of this set, the camera bag was also thick black plastic (vinyl-like), but had been updated with a slip-tap clasp. Mine is the latter item.
AG Kit's Reporter Set
AG Kit's Reporter Accessories

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