American Girl

Summary: When dealing with American Girl®, remember that Era is Everything! The complete American Girl® oeuvre breaks into three major epochs:
  1. Original Period (Pleasant Company ownership): an era of authentically detailed wood and metal miniatures that were expensive compared to contemporary plastic doll toys but worth the investment as many of the pieces still exist in great condition today some 30 odd years later;
  2. Transition Era: went from private company to a wholly-owned Mattel® subsidiary and toys transitioned into mass-produced items mainly made of thick-grade plastic, were still well-crafted and sturdily made, good for playtime;
  3. Modern Era: pieces often use thinner cheap plastic that can break easily, but AG charges same upper-end prices; employs a wider scope of items both historical and contemporary; can still find occasional "jewels" that buck the poorly crafted trend. Reading other customer's reviews is imperative!

Toy Reviews: